Medieval Cemeteries at the Periphery of the Carolingian World

This project (MEDCEM) deals with the digital collection and presentation of medieval cemeteries and it is based at the Archaeological Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague.
Currently it comprises three cemeteries from the 8th to the 10th century: Thunau Obere Holzwiese from Austria, Stará Kouřim from Bohemia and Pohansko "Herrenhof" from Moravia.
All published information is provided online and can be explored via a digital catalogue and within an interactive map. Cartographic visualisations as well as charts and plots are created dynamically based on real archaeological research data.
It aims at providing a best practice way on how to disseminate archaeological sources and research in the 21st century against the background of digital humanities.
It is part of the OpenAtlas project and entirely build upon open source technology. The technical framework of MEDCEM was a base for and is being actively developed within the THANADOS project. If you want to learn more please take a look at the Help section.